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  • Does waxing hurt?  It can sometimes, the first wax is usually the most uncomfortable. When you come regularly you know what to expect and the hair is usually less coarse and dense in following appointments.

  • Can I wax if I have my period? Yes, it is never a problem. Please wear a tampon or cup.

  • Will my hair grow back thicker/darker? No, and when you wax on a regular basis (every 4-6 weeks), you may notice the hair growth becomes thinner and more sparse.

  • How long will I be smooth? You can expect to see hair coming back in a few weeks. It can take up to four waxes in a row before you notice smoothness lasting longer.

  • Should I shave in-between waxes? No. For the best results from waxing, avoid shaving in-between appointments. Your hair needs to grow and be waxed every month for smoothest longest lasting results.

  • How long will I be red and/or irritated after waxing? All skin reacts differently to waxing, but in most cases skin should be calm/smooth and back to normal within 24hrs.

  • What kind of wax do you use? I use two different hard waxes for very sensitive areas (face, underarm, labia) and soft wax for larger areas of the body (legs, arms, backs).


  • Please allow at least 2 weeks of growth before your appointment. We want the hair to be at least 1/4 inch for the best results. Please do not trim hair prior to appointment, the longer the better. 

  • Avoid exposure to the sun/tanning beds before your appointment, as UV rays can increase sensitivity.

  • Waxing is a form of exfoliation, so it will remove spray tan. Avoid getting sprayed prior to appointment.

  • Gently exfoliate in the weeks and days (NOT DAY OF) prior to your appointment. This can be done manually with a granular scrub or sponge/brush.

  • Moisturize the areas to be waxed a few days before. Dry skin can make the waxing process a bit more painful.

  • Please inform me if you are being treated by a doctor, taking medication, or using prescription skin-care products. Let me know of any previous adverse reactions to waxing.


  • Day of your wax it's important to avoid extreme heat (hot tub, sauna). Your hair follicles are sensitive after waxing and extreme heat can cause irritation.

  • Be sure to exfoliate! This will minimize ingrown hairs and help keep you smooth. I retail a few options for your benefit.

  • Do not go to a tanning bed for at least 24hrs post wax. Waxing is a form of exfoliating and your skin will be more compromised (than normal) in a tanning bed.

  • Avoid heavy exercise for 12 hours, as friction and perspiration can cause irritations.



Find a full list of services here  booking page. Contact me here, or feel free call with any questions.

3305 Main Street #307,  Vancouver, WA 98663

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